Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator MKV-710S

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator MKV-710S

Model No.︰MKV-710S

Brand Name︰KEM

Country of Origin︰Japan

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (Volumetric titration) [MKV-710S]

*The photo includes 'Additional Burette KF(10mL)'(option). A single burette is equipped as standard.
Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch) enables easy key entry
Can resume titration automatically after interruption


Titrant Information is stored in an IC chip in the burette unit (Smart burette)
New burette unit
Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch)
Two different user levels and permissions
Measurement results are converted to PDF and can be stored in a USB flash drive
When using ADP-611 , a patented scan mode automatically determines the optimal evaporation temperature. (Japanese Patent No. 4247093)
End point detection by compensating liquid resistance is adopted. (Japanese Patent No. 1896338)
Can resume titration automatically after interruption
Automatic solvent change unit is included



Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator




Product configuration

MCU-710S+MKV-710+IDP-100+Automatic Solvent Change unit

MCU-710M+MKV-710+IDP-100+Automatic Solvent Change unit

Measuring method

Karl Fischer Volumetric titration

Measuring range

1) Water content : 0.1 to 500mgH2O (depends on KF reagent factor)
2) Concentration : 10ppm to 100%H2O

Burette precision

10mL burette +/- 0.015mL ; reproducibility +/- 0.005mL

Endpoint detection

By polarized potential level detected with a twin platinum electrode

EP sense method

Detection of potential level maintained during preset end time.
End time range : 1 to 99s

Titration form

Normal titration / Back titration (Option additional burette required)

Required solvent

30 to 100mL (in S-type titration vessel)



Key operation

Touch panel


1) 8.4-inch color LCD 800 x 600 dots

2) English / Japanese / Mandarin Chinese / Korean / Russian / Spanish / German / French

3) 1-channel display

3) Simultaneous 4-channel display (Can also display Automatic Potentiometric Titrator simultaneously)


Concentration of water content , statistics data processing (mean , SD and RSD) and automatic averaging of blank value and factor value

Data storage

500 samples

GLP conformance

Registration of operator / User group administration
Titrant : Reminder of factor measurement date / Alarm to indicate remaining reagent / Reminder of piston replacement date / Reminder of reagent replacement date / History of factor measurement
Check performance : Reminder of scheduled check date / Record of check results
Management of conduction time : Display of operating time

External I/O

RS-232C port x4 :
for Dot matrix printer , Electronic balance , Data Capture Software (SOFT-CAP) , Evaporator
USB ×1 :
for USB flash drive , A4 printer , Thermal printer , Keyboard , Barcode reader , Foot switch , USB HUB


LAN ×1 : for Personal computer (PC)



Measuring instrument :
Automatic Potentiometric Titrator (AT-710) , Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (MKV-710/MKC-710)
Three of these instruments can be added.

Automatic piston burette : Can control max 2 burette drives
(Including two built-in burette drives)

Evaporator ADP-611

Ambient condition

1) Temperature


5 to 35°C

2) Humidity


85%RH or below (no condensation)

Power source

AC100 to 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

Main unit


Approx. 30W



Approx. 7W


Touch panel controller


225(W) x 190(D) x 42(H) mm

Titration unit


141(W) x 292(D) x 367(H) mm (not incl. tubing)



107(W) x 206(D) x 322(H) mm (not incl. Solvent Change unit)

Solvent Change Unit


240(W) x 140(D) x 400(H) mm (not incl. tubing)



106(W) x 180(D) x 88(H) mm


Touch panel controller



Titration unit






Solvent Change Unit






Conformity standard

CE marking EMC : EN61326-1 LVD : EN61010-1 RE Directive
Burette unit EBU FCC Part15 SubpartC FCC ID : 2ABSVEBU01


KF Moisture Titrator ︰ Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator MKV-710S

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